-Mike Baker, BBC Education Correspondent

"The Pedagogy of the 21st Century is an important reminder of why all educators need to re-evaluate teaching and learning. This clearly-written, well-argued book sets out, for the expert or the layperson, strong reasons why learning-styles need to adapt to changes in the world outside educational establishments."
-Dr. Judith Ramaley, President, Winona State University

"The Pedagogy of the 21st Century is a comprehensive exploration of the societal patterns and influences that are reshaping our ideas about how people learn, what education will look like in the near future and the signs that already exist today that offer clues to that future .  Reading this book is very much like having a wonderful conversation with very interesting people who care intensely about the same things you do but who see the world in fresh and interesting ways."

-Rick Melmer, Dean, University of South Dakota School of Education and Former Secretary of Education,  State of South Dakota

"Draves and Coates have produced a great resource for educators who have a desire to create a futuristic learning environment.  The book strikes the right balance between capturing the challenges of our current educational system along with providing a road map to guide a school/district towards the future. I highly recommend this book."